Моды гта 5 map editor. Сохранение и загрузка карты

This is a tool reminiscent of MTA:SA Map Editor days. You have a freecam to navigate around, and you can spawn objects (with preview!), move them around with your mouse or keys. Then you can save or load your map in various formats, currently supported are XML and Simple Trainer format (objects.ini).

F7 or R3 + LB - Open main menu.
WASD or Left Stick - Fly around while inside map editor, or when having an object selected, move/rotate the object.
Q/E or LB/RB - While having an object selected, move up/down the object, or rotate it.
F or Controller Y - Open the object spawning menu.
P or Controller Pause - Open the ped spawning menu.
V or Controller Back - Open the vehicle spawning menu.
Arrow Up or DPAD Up - Spawn a marker.
Shift or Controller A - Fly/Move/Rotate objects faster.
Alt or DPAD Down - Fly/Move/Rotate objects slower.
Control or L3 - While having an object selected, switch from moving to rotating. The arrow above the object will switch colors. Yellow for moving and red for rotating.
Mouse Left Click or RT - Select an object while looking at it.
Mouse Right Click or LT - Move an object with the mouse while looking at it.
Mouse Wheel or RB/LB - Rotate an object while having it snapped to your cursor.
C or R3 - Copy an object while looking at it or having it selected.
Del or Controller X - Delete an object while looking at it.

You can load and save your maps as XML files or as object.ini files. When selecting load or save from the main menu, you will be prompted to enter a filename. Note that when loading maps, they stack, so use New Map to clean any objects.
You can automatically load maps by creating a directory in the scripts folder named "AutoloadMaps". Any file ending with the .xml or .ini extension will be loaded on gamestart. These maps will save with you when you save your current map, so before creating a map, use New Map

1. Install ScriptHookV
2. Download and install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 x64 , x86, Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2013 x64, x86.
3. Install latest ScriptHookVDotNet, read the requirements.
4. Download last NativeUI version from
5. Move all contents of the .zip into your /scripts/ directory. If it doesn"t exist, create one.

Expanded Object List
Normally a lot of objects cannot be spawned, but thanks to the GTA:MP Team you can unlock this and spawn building and a bunch of other stuff!
Apart from that you will need an updated ObjectList.ini. Just rename the included "Expanded ObjectList.ini" to ObjectList.ini and replace the one in your scripts/ folder.

The mod is available in many languages. You can change your langauge in Settings. You can help translate the mod by creating a translation file, found in scripts/MapEditor folder. Currently the translation progress is the next:

  • American - Done by me
  • French - Translated by Venom_714
  • German - Translated by Weedinator69
  • Italian - Translated by PaVI
  • Spanish - Translated by me
  • Portuguese - Translated by maurojunior
  • Polish - Not translated
  • Russian - Translated by MMK_033
  • Korean - Not translated
  • Chinese - Translated by yzhlzz
  • Japanese - Translated by Shibaneko
  • Mexican - Translated by me
Please note that there appears to be some kind of issue with non-english characters, if the description doesn not add an automatic new line, you"ll have to add a ~n~ character to create a line break.

- 2.13
-- Added mpstunt props & vehicles
-- Misc fixes
- 2.12.2
-- Updated Chinese translation. Thanks @yzhlzz !
- 2.12.1
-- Hotfix for Community Races incompatibilities.
- 2.12
-- Quickfix for rotation transferring when copying an object.
-- Updated the Russian translation thanks to MMK_033
- 2.11
-- Improved search: you can now use AND & OR keywords for searching. For example, query "heist AND prop" will match prop_heist_carrier, prop_dlc_heist etc, and query "barrier OR barier" will match both prop_barrier and prop_barier.
-- Added a new file chooser to the load menu, so you can select a file without needing to type the filename.
-- Added map metadata information such as name, author and description.
-- Added new marker properties: Mark as Loading Point, Mark as Starting Point, and Only Visible In Editor.
-- Added "Wander" idle action.
-- Added logging when map editor fails to load a map.
-- Fixed culture settings when inputting position coordinates.
-- Fixed objects spawning in incorrect positions sometimes.
-- Updated Italian and Japanese translations, thanks to PaVI and Shibaneko respectively. Thanks!
- 2.10
-- Added ability to teleport while inside a car.
-- Vehicle colors are now saved.
-- Fixed crash when you build outside of map limits.
-- Removed the time reset when opening object preview menu.
-- Made skipping invalid objects optional. (Change it in settings)
-- Fixed C# format yet again.
-- You can now ty}